Satalights is an independent Rock & Roll band from Austin, TX. It was formed by front-man, Alexander Scott, in 2012. Scott started the band as a solo experiment to find a balance between electronic, and organic sounds.

He thought of the name on an evening staring up at the stars, adding a twist to it that reflected his audio engineering background. “SATA” is an abbreviation for the standard interface that connects hard drives to computers.

“We are all little bits of information traveling at incredible speeds, orbiting the center of everything,” says Scott.

Satalights has worked with Austin City Limits executive producer Terry Lickona and legendary audio engineer Stuart Sullivan to record their EP ''HIP AMERICA.'' Which was released in February of 2017.

Building off foundations of post-rock and ambient music, Scott added elements of pop and rock to make the music more approachable. Lickona, a good friend of his, saw potential in the project and connected him to Sullivan, who has worked with icons like Willie Nelson , Butthole Surfers, and Sublime. After they hit it off, Satalights was set to record the EP at Sullivan’s studio, Wire Recording.

They are currently working on more material with Sullivan as their Producer and Engineer. You can expect it in the summer of 2017.

Currently, Satalights is a 4 piece outfit with highly passionate and energetic live shows. They have the ability to keep audiences captivated and leave them speechless.

Don't miss them next time they come into orbit!